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Preschool Reads:《我的神奇马桶》My Magical Toilet

I just received this book two days ago and love it! The most recent addition to my collection of butt books… 🤣

This is a Japanese-translated book about a boy who got bored with his potty and imagines all kinds of different potties. 🚽 🚽 🚽 Look at all the creative possibilities!

My favorite things about this book:

  • Language is simple and easy to understand, and the book is short and not wordy. Perfect for beginners to Chinese.
  • Large font size and simple characters. Little Man should be able to read this by himself.
  • Engaging pictures and content, which open up room for lots of discussion e.g. Which potty do you like? Why? Can you think of other ideas?

Seriously love all the Japanese-translated books I’ve bought so far. They’ve been of consistent high quality as compared to European-language-translated books or native-mainland-Chinese books.

Buy from:

The hardcover is available for ~$3 on Taobao (Read: How to Buy Chinese Books from Taobao). My son enjoyed this Potty book so much he requested for the Bathtub one as well, so now we have both of them.

The traditional version is called 《我的百變馬桶》and can be purchased from and maybe other places that I don’t know. 🤷‍♀️

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