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10 Best Chinese Picture Books for Preschoolers

I realize that “best” is a subjective term but I’ve compiled a list of picture books that are classics and wildly popular with the preschool age group. You can’t really go wrong with these because basically all kids love them.

When I first started procuring Chinese books for my son I was at a total loss as to where to begin. The choices were overwhelming and I had a hard time figuring out the difficulty level and whether he could comprehend them. Thus I’ve arranged these books in order of language difficulty from easiest to hardest.

What I mean by “easy” is simple common characters and repetitive storyline. As it moves down the list, the plot and vocabulary get more complex and the length of the book gets longer. The hardest series listed《不一样的卡梅拉》is Little Man’s current favorite. It has 40+ pages and takes >20 minutes to read.

I hope you find this list a good starting point! Click on the links for detailed book reviews.

1.《可爱的鼠小弟》 Little Mouse series

2.《首先有一个苹果》First There Was an Apple

3.《我的神奇马桶》 My Magical Toilet

4.《幸福的小鸡》 Little Chicks series

5.100层的房子》100 Story House series

6.100层的巴士》 100 Story Bus

7.《生气王子》 The Angry Prince and other books by Lai Ma

8.《你看起来好像很好吃》 Tyrannosaurus Rex series

9.《屁屁侦探》 Butt Detective series

10.《不一样的卡梅拉》Camilla series

And here’s an extra one…

I highly recommend this 《过年啦!》Chinese New Year book which is easy to understand, very fun and hands on, and teaches a lot of customs and traditions. My son loved it so much he brought it for Show & Tell at his American preschool and everyone loved it as well. How’s that for some cultural exchange!

Writing this blog post makes me realize what a long way Little Man has come. I remember complaining to friends in Singapore last August (just 7 months ago) that he did not understand any Chinese books I read to him. Look at him now – comprehending 40-page stories! 🙂

For more #BookRecs, join the Motherly Notes Facebook group run by my friend Julie who has approximately 100,000 Chinese books.

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