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Preschool Reads:《100层的巴士》The Hundred Decker Bus

I bought this book because it was featured on a few blogs. It really is that good!

This is a translated book by English author Mike Smith about a bus driver who got bored with his normal route and decided to go off the beaten path. He picks up more and more passengers and they keep building more levels until… yup, they reach 100!

The illustrations are soooo cute and detailed. We’ve read this book at least 10 times and we’re still discovering new things.

The bus has really interesting things on it like a swimming pool, hotel, ice cream shop, apple orchard, petting zoo, bouncy castle.. basically all the things preschoolers love! I enjoy discussing the pictures with Little Man, and of course learning these vocabulary in Chinese.

The funnest (my made up word) thing is the fold up page of the 100 decker bus! As tall as my 5 y.o. 😉

He counted them and there really are 100 levels. 😂

The only bad thing is… this author has written just this one book?! What??? He is such a talented author/illustrator he really needs to write more. Ok maybe I will look up his email and tell him that.

Buy from: World Taobao (China based) or Flip For Joy (Singapore based) or China Sprout (USA based). All of these e-stores ship internationally.

Publisher: 二十一世纪出版社

ISBN: 9787539192673

Do you have any Chinese book recommendations? I’d really appreciate it if you can comment or FB message me to let me know! 

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