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Preschool Reads: 《生气王子》The Angry Prince

When I first started buying Chinese books, I did not make very wise choices. As such I have 30-ish books that are rejected by my son and remain unread and untouched. 😣

I’ve learned from my mistakes and now devote a lot of time researching and finding Chinese literature that appeal to ang moh kia, i.e. westernized children whose preferred language is English.

I’ll share my son’s favorite reads on this blog so you don’t do the same thing I did – throw money 💵 down the drain!

《生气王子》is a really cute and funny book about a prince and king who have explosive tempers. By the end of the book they learn to control themselves by singing a “don’t get angry” song. 😆

Little Man adores the illustrations, especially the amusement park and superhero outfits (see pics). These things are very relatable to his life which I think is why he likes this book so much.

This is actually a pretty long book, probably the longest we’ve read to date. But it captures Little Man’s interest (despite his limited Chinese ability) and he requests this book frequently.

We have two other books by the same author: 

Little Man likes these two only ok.

What I like best is they are written by a Chinese (Taiwanese) author 赖马 so it’s in its original language and not a translated book. I hope to find more Chinese authors with similar style. If you know of any please comment and let me know!

April 2018 Update:

I would also recommend 《十二生肖的故事》and《爱哭公主》 by the same author. My son loves both of these as well.

Price: ~$3-4 USD (not incl. shipping)

Buy from: Multiple sellers on Taobao

Publisher: 河北出版传媒集团

ISBN: 978-7-5545-2983-6

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