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Second Grade Wrap Up

Since I am paying money to maintain this blog, I should at least post occasionally right? 😛

This is going to a quick, picture-heavy post with the books he read this year. This is meant to be used as a reference for what books kids this age (boys in particular) might be interested in. This is NOT meant to be a comparison.

I used to comb blogs to see if my kid was falling behind in reading but now I am like WHATEVER. Comparisons of whether you are on, under or above grade level honestly do nothing except make a parent worry. So just don’t. Be happy your child is reading Chinese because 95% of ABC children out there cannot read any Chinese books.

This year I have really noticed his reading preferences develop. I would say he is most into action/adventure and humor, which is true for both English and Chinese.

I have listed the books below in order that he read them. It is not really in order from easiest to hardest as he does bounce around a bit. A lot of them are comics because everyone loves comics. There is a mix of Simplified and Traditional – he is fine with either so I just go with the most cost-effective option.

Looking back at all these books this year, I cannot say that he loved any of them. There were all just okay. He has not re-read any of them except for 跑跑薑餅人 and 達克比辦案 comics. I have read some of each set too (usually the first book) and honestly I thought they were just okay too.

This is in contrast to 屁屁偵探 (Butt Detective) and 怪傑佐儸力 (Zorori) both series that he has read and re-read umpteen times and still pulls out sometimes.

In addition, something new we did this year was Chinese games! Yeah! My son is a tabletop game fiend so this is a great way to incorporate more Chinese into our time together. I ordered them from 博客來 and they ship really fast from Taiwan. In the past I have ordered games from Taobao (China) but the boxes were damaged during shipping so I don’t do that anymore.

Have a great 2021-2022 school year everyone!

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