Character Writing, DIY

Montessori-Inspired Salt Tray Writing {Free Printable}

Sand/salt tray writing is used in Montessori classrooms as the texture helps muscle memory. Here is my Chinese variation of it. 😉

What you need:

  1. Character stroke 笔画 cards (link below)
  2. Salt 
  3. A shallow dish

I’m using the tray from a Melissa & Doug toy we’ve had since he was a toddler. If you don’t happen to have that, you can use a pencil box, brownie pan etc. 

After you write each stroke, gently shake the tray to erase and start over. 

My goal for him is to remember these strokes and their names. If you can write these strokes then you can write any character, yes?

Don’t worry, the cards have the names printed on them in case you forgot what they’re called (like me). 

Disclaimer: I did not make these images but compiled them from 10 different webpages into one easy-to-print PDF. The original source is credited in the PDF. 

{Click Here to Download Chinese Character Stroke Cards}

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