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汉字笔画 Trace 16 Basic Chinese Strokes {Free Printable}

As Little Man recognizes more characters (currently about 120), he’s started to make some interesting observations such as:

“金 looks like 宝 but it has an upside down V at the top.”


Ok I see what he is saying… but as anyone who knows Chinese knows, what he is referring to as an “upside down V” is actually two strokes 撇 and 捺.

He has also attempted some (erroneous) writing. Like the word 口 as a square. And calling it a square. UGH.

I do not want him to go down this path of misconception and self-invented writing because I know from experience that bad habits once formed are very hard to correct. 

Also, there is research about the strong connection between reading and writing, that they are interdependent and go hand in hand. I hypothesize that knowing the different 笔画 (strokes) will help him recognize characters better.

So, here begins our journey for character writing!

Since I was not able to find a printable for tracing basic strokes, I made my own. It consists of 16 most common strokes that I want to focus on before attempting any characters. 

I made it into a reusable file folder game, but you can also put it in a sheet protector or use as a regular worksheet. 

Download it here!

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2 thoughts on “汉字笔画 Trace 16 Basic Chinese Strokes {Free Printable}”

  1. Hi, your worksheet about basic stroke is great.
    Would you tell me how to write basic stroke in Ms. Word.
    I have searched about basic stroke font, but I can’t find it.
    Can you help me? Thank you


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