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Glitter Slime 粘粘胶 {Free Printable Recipe}

I haven’t found a kid who doesn’t love ❤️ slime! I chose to make this recipe (out of hundreds out there) because it’s the easiest with just 3 ingredients. 

Note: It only works with Elmer’s glitter glue. If you’re in the USA you can get it from Target, Walmart, Michaels, etc. for about $2.90. I’ve seen it in blue, red, purple, orange and yellow. Little Man picked orange because Halloween. 🎃 

This is a great rainy-day-stuck-indoors activity for all ages! 

If you’ve never made slime before then you should know that it is an art, not a science. Add enough contacts lens solution so that the slime doesn’t stick to your fingers, but not so much that it loses its elasticity. Add in a couple squirts at a time to achieve the perfect consistency. 

If you have a child who’s a reader, use the recipe for fun reading practice. If you have a non-reader, then point to the pictures and words to build emergent literacy skills! 

{Click here for Glitter Slime Recipe}

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Science Recipes

Skittles Experiment 彩虹糖果 {Free Printable Recipe}

Today’s experiment is SO easy and who doesn’t love rainbows?? 🌈 Good thing I bought a big bag of Skittles because we did this four times!

Pro tips: 

  • Make sure your water is warm enough or the candy won’t dissolve. 
  • Amount of water you need depends on the size of your plate. Pour enough water to just past the outer edge of Skittles. 

Science experiments are fun and really flexible because you can tailor it to your child’s Chinese level. I use it to improve my son’s comprehension and teach him some new vocabulary like 圆形 (circle), 温水 (warm water), 规律 (patterns). 

However he was way too excited and impatient to make any patterns today LOL. 

Click here to download recipe. 

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French Bread Pizza 披萨面包 {Free Printable Recipe}

This recipe could not be any easier! (Translated from original recipe here) It requires just a few simple ingredients and makes a quick dinner.

Scroll down for printable PDF version. 

Little Man was able follow most of the steps to make his own pizza. He learned some new nouns like 奶酪 (cheese), 酱 (sauce), verbs 涂 (spread), and adjectives 均匀 (even). 

I love using cooking to practice Chinese. For one, Little Man is very enthusiastic and motivated, because PIZZA. 🍕 Second, there are many things he is simply unable to do as a preschooler, which means lots of opportunity to use Chinese. For example I have him request “妈妈帮我打开” (Help me open it, mom) before I help him open the jar of pizza sauce. 

Third, recipes. Even if the child is not able to read yet, pointing to the pictures and words are great pre-literacy skills. 

{Click here for free French Bread Pizza recipe}

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Science Recipes

Volcano Experiment 火山科学实验 {Free Printable Recipe}

We did this experiment once back when Little Man was 3 y.o. and he’s asked several times since to do it again. But I’ve been sooooo lazy.

Until now.

I’m on a mission to use all of his interests to encourage Chinese language learning. So, if he wants to do science experiments, I guess I just have to suck it up and do them.

We used the pumpkin clay from yesterday to make our volcano model. You can also use old yucky playdoh you have around the house or just leave it as foil.

And then.. experiment time! Little Man loved it and wanted to do it over and over. After a couple times he was able to follow the recipe himself and complete it with no help. 😀

We spent several productive hours together, with lots of Chinese input and lots of fun. That’s a win, yes?

{Click here for free Volcano Experiment recipe}

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