Chinese Apps

Fun Chinese Apps for All Ages

I spent a lot of time searching for Chinese apps for my 5 y.o. and came up with… nothing. Most of the apps that purport to teach Chinese are actually in English! Not to mention they are boring flash card games that I know my son will never play.

I don’t want Americanized Chinese apps. I want Chinese apps that have Chinese audio and print!

Where are these apps at? Three words:

China App Store

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. Most Chinese apps are not found in the U.S. App Store 🇺🇸. They are all in the China App Store 🇨🇳. Duhhhhhh.

Here’s how to create a China Apple ID in minutes so you can access a gold mine of Chinese apps!

Step 1. Go to the App Store and select “Create new Apple ID”. Change the country to China or Taiwan (if you want traditional Chinese).

Step 2. Fill in your information. For whatever reason, none of the multiple Visa cards I tried were accepted so I had to choose “Alipay” as my payment method. I already have Alipay because I’m a regular TB shopper but if you don’t, set up an account here.

Step 3. Enter a dummy address. It doesn’t matter what it is. Mine is a bank in Shanghai. HAHA.

Step 4. Done! When you log in with this Apple ID, you will automatically be taken to the China App Store. I love browsing through the top charts to see what kids (and adults) in China are playing. I’m discovering all kinds of cool apps for myself. 🙂


I’ve since downloaded so many free apps, from music, to videos, to educational games, to non-educational games…

We love dumb mindless games like 植物大战僵尸 Plants vs. Zombies in our house. But at least now my son is playing them in Chinese and getting exposed to Chinese print, vocabulary, and pop culture. Win!

I will post about our favorite apps in a future post. Stay tuned.

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