Science Recipes

Skittles Experiment 彩虹糖果 {Free Printable Recipe}

Today’s experiment is SO easy and who doesn’t love rainbows?? 🌈 Good thing I bought a big bag of Skittles because we did this four times!

Pro tips: 

  • Make sure your water is warm enough or the candy won’t dissolve. 
  • Amount of water you need depends on the size of your plate. Pour enough water to just past the outer edge of Skittles. 

Science experiments are fun and really flexible because you can tailor it to your child’s Chinese level. I use it to improve my son’s comprehension and teach him some new vocabulary like 圆形 (circle), 温水 (warm water), 规律 (patterns). 

However he was way too excited and impatient to make any patterns today LOL. 

Click here to download recipe. 

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