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French Bread Pizza 披萨面包 {Free Printable Recipe}

This recipe could not be any easier! (Translated from original recipe here) It requires just a few simple ingredients and makes a quick dinner.

Scroll down for printable PDF version. 

Little Man was able follow most of the steps to make his own pizza. He learned some new nouns like 奶酪 (cheese), 酱 (sauce), verbs 涂 (spread), and adjectives 均匀 (even). 

I love using cooking to practice Chinese. For one, Little Man is very enthusiastic and motivated, because PIZZA. 🍕 Second, there are many things he is simply unable to do as a preschooler, which means lots of opportunity to use Chinese. For example I have him request “妈妈帮我打开” (Help me open it, mom) before I help him open the jar of pizza sauce. 

Third, recipes. Even if the child is not able to read yet, pointing to the pictures and words are great pre-literacy skills. 

{Click here for free French Bread Pizza recipe}

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